How do I do if my child says bad words and insults?

If you happen to listen to speeches from moms you'll find that 99% of the time you hear one of them say, "My son always says bad words and insults people, how can I? I've tried everything but nothing has changed!"First thing you should never say that you did everything possible to correct a wrong attitude of your child because there are countless more or less effective methods and it is practically impossible to experience them all!Now we have very clear that children are born intelligent, indeed we might say that in their head there is nothing, it touches people that are close (father, mother, grandparents ,...) filled with allnotions that can be useful!That newborn babies is not true that they do not understand what others say, even assimilate all that feel like a vacuum begin to know how to speak and when trying to imitate the speech heard before.Including this there will be much easier to understand that a child repeats of 3,4,5 years everything he hears from parents regardless of whether it is an insult, a dirty word, a curse, or a compliment to him all the words are the samebecause they do not yet understand well their meaning.If then our son says blasphemy or profanity means that adults in the family as a reference that he behave in this way. Here's an example: Go back home after a day of work, you're tired, and you stand to cook, however, you are tired, and you stand to cook, however, you are tired, and still you stand to cook, maybe burned the dinner, and there isspontaneously exclaim, some word, not a serious matter if you live alone or with other adults but you must always remember that your child is like a radar, perceives everything and you get the message that "I am angry = I say bad words" and not Instead understand that words are a bad thing, bad, not suitable to his age, he arrives only to swear that it's OK when you are angry because even his dad or his mom does it and what you do for them is and unquestionably valuable as gold!To eliminate this behavior from your child, you should not blackmail "If you say these words, no x-box for a month" or have an aggressive attitude, "now you the sound of thrashing as soon as you take" this will only fuel a fear Your respect and even this approach is NEGATIVE. You should instead try to talk to him, everything is resolved with dialogue, your children are very intelligent and if you are able to have good communication with them that's it. You have to explain that it is wrong to say those words, tell him the reason, make sure that he understands that you parents can make mistakes but that was all correct and maybe apologize if you offended someone. Now that you have failed to establish a dialogue you also need to stop saying bad words in the presence of your child and then show open to change!If you need advice or have any doubt you can leave me a comment and I will be glad to answer them!Fear not everyone can make mistakes and there is nothing to be ashamed because I am sure that you are of good mothers!