In mid September I was given an award by theVolunteer Blood Italians, or the Avis, covering thecomputer field and I would now like to return this favorby dedicating a space just for them! Or you can findeasily on your right and clicking on the symbol Avisrepresentative will be immediately transported to its site from which you can access news, projects, and perhaps why not, you might be interested in donatinga little of your blood to people who they need to survive!
Donating is very simple and not at all dangerous,indeed, are made ​​before the appropriate controls to ensure maximum safety.
Donating does NOT mean taking away a small pieceof our health to give it to someone else, but ratherhelping someone in need "by giving" of our blood in our body automatically will reform, so we do not loseanything, only help!
Each of us should do this because many people die every day due to lack of blood and we do not cost anything to save a human life ... SAVE what we can doto save so many people!
I am certain that someone is able to save an actionworthy of a great person who can love their neighbor!
How do I donate blood?
Where can I go to donate?
The answers to these questions and many more can be found by calling toll free 800 261 580, or visithttp://www.avis.it
Also going to the site you will find a screen like the following on your right

where it says "Search Locations Avis" you can justclick on the arrow pointing down and select the province where you live to see all Avis locationsclosest to you!
It 's simple and effective, but most of all YOU havethe power to help many people save them from death.